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MDT Thomas Stefan Sing | praktiniai sluoksniavimo kursai Lietuvoje!!!

Vienas geriausių pasaulyje keramistų MDT Thomas Stefan Sing 2024 metų vasarą Lietuvoje !

Dviejų dienų praktinis kursas

"Du priekiniai pavieniai - vienas sluoksniuotas ant karščio atsparaus štampuko, antras sluoksniuotas ant cirkonio oksido karkaso."

Kursas įgyti įgūdžiams ir atrasti naujų technikų kai sluoksniuojama ant karšio atsparių štampukų, arba ant cirkonio oksido karkasų, arba kai tokia kombinacija yra vienoje burnoje.

Lektorius apie savo kursą:

The "Art behind the Smile - Veneer and Crown" Course
(The best of two worlds...right next to each other...as a whole)

In the intricate world of dentistry, where precision meets artistry, achieving a seamless
blend between veneers and crowns is a true testament to skill. Our course, dedicated to
this nuanced craft, guides participants through the key elements of replicating nature's

The journey begins with an exploration of nature's palette—understanding the subtle
variations in color, translucency, and texture that make each tooth unique. This
foundational knowledge sets the stage for mastering layering techniques, where
participants learn to build depth and character, creating a natural flow from veneer to
Customized shade matching will be taught, emphasizing systematic approaches and
utilizing both traditional shade guides and modern digital tools. This module ensures
participants can achieve a level of precision that considers the individual tooth color
variations of each patient.
Texture replication will round the course up. The meticulous recreation of enamel and
dentin textures, coupled with the incorporation of surface irregularities, adds an authentic
touch to the participants work.

The course seamlessly integrates clinical considerations, addressing the practical aspects
of veneer and crown placement. Beyond the studio, participants gain insights into
material selection, optical illusions, and the use of Thomas ́ contrast protocol, ensuring
their creations stand the test of time and the test of the eye of the beholder.
Thomas hands-on sessions provide a canvas for participants to practice and refine their
skills, using cutting-edge dental ceramics, such as Willi Geller Creation Zi-CT.
Innovative replication techniques are unveiled, simplifying the process without
compromising esthetic excellence. The course culminates in a certificate, acknowledging
participants' expertise in achieving veneer and crown harmony.

In essence, the "Art behind the Smile - Veneer and Crown" Course invites dental
professionals to elevate their craft, breaking free from conventional replication. It is an

opportunity to create smiles that seamlessly blend nature's beauty with the precision of
modern dental technology, rekindling the artistry that makes dental technology a true
expression of creativity.

But the most important fact of this world famous hands on course is, that Thomas will talk
about the things that are useful and the things that are worthless. As he says "Be
A Hans-on course from a dental technician, for dental technicians.

2024 birželio 7-8d.
iki 01.31 - 1700eur
iki 02.29 - 1800eur
po 02.29 - 1900eur
Registracija telefonu +37069953555 arba el. paštu info@masterlab.lt


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