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2-дневные курсы с мастером Sascha Hein

Kурсы на литовском и английском языках!

Dear friends,

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The course program includes the fabrication of a Zirconia crown, as well as a platinum foil veneer. I will further discuss shade taking techniques as well as dental photography, which both play a major role in my daily work. The exact course outline is not set in stone and I’m more than happy to directly address any individual requests from you which may arise. The course models which I have provided, are already completed alveolar models with removable dies. It is neither necessary nor advantageous to apply die spacer to the dies.

Courses will be: 2014 October 16st-17nd (9.00-17.00h)

Address: Žirmūnų str. 70-501, Vilnius.

Participation fee 753Eur

For more information:  Lina Pačešiūnaitė / +370 615 67785 / lina@ovd.lt