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2-дневные курсы с мастером Carlos Ayala "From Macro to Micro"

Kурсы на литовском и испанском языках! 


Part I: Standardization of Concepts. • General theory of photography: Ideal handling for dental macro photography. • Presentation of equipment: Cameras, lenses, flashes and accesories. • Compatibility, advantages and disadvantages for macro and microphotography, cost/benefit. • Photographic composition.

Part II: Facial Photography. • Standards and protocols for portrait photography: Lighting and technique. • Photography in darkness and long exposure shots: Ligth painting.

Part III Dental Macro and Micro-photography • Light modifiers and management of flashes • Photographing smile and lips (soft tissues in macro) • Dental photography from 1:1(1x) to 5:1(5x) (hard tissues in macro to micro).

Part IV. The Lab: Prosthetic Elemens, Microphotography for Focus Stacking, Birrefringence of Enamel and Digital Image Management • Macro-photography for dental laboratory to capture prosthetic elements, setup for continuous light anf flash. • Stacking images using Helicon Focus Software. • Birrefringence of dental enamel: the light and filters. • Optimizing images. • Removing dust on captured images. • Management of layers in Photoshop: Digital signatures and watermarking.

Course details: Duration: 16 CPD hours spread over two days.

Ideal requirements*: * Participants must bring the course: DSLR camera with blank memory card, labial separators, photographic mirror with rhodium plating and contrast mirror (black). External Flash: ring, speedlight or twin, portable computer PC or MAC.

* The requirements are not exclusive, the participant does not have equipment is free to participate to know and learn the existence and use the available equipment and subsequently buy it with knowledge and experience.

Courses will be: 2015 June 12th -13th 

Address: Žirmūnų str. 70-505, Vilnius.

Participation fee 595Eur, after 17.04.2015 645Eur, after 01.05.2015 695Eur,

For more information:  Jūratė/ +370 699 53555/ info@masterlab.lt

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