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Carlos A. Ayala Paz книга THE WORKBOOK из рук автара!

Дата : 27.01.2017

Место : MasterLab inovations and training center

Цена : 280,00 Eur

Больше информации: +37069953555; jurate.golochvosciute@gmail.com

What is education without motivation? What is dentistry without appreciation of art&nature? "The Workbook," is the logical development of great images that were once in my imagination. It's simple to enjoy: In one page -with hand drawings- I explain the equipment that use, the settings of the camera/lens and the position of the flashes. On the next page you will see the result with complementary details. The workbook is designed to be explored & learn through your eyes from the start at the end with explicit and progressive information. In addition you can find additional –a subliminal- information to be discovered to motivate you to read it many times :) ! Because its a photography book, does not have printed words, in the 252 pages you will find only photographs, drawings and words written by hand in technical and universal English language. The Workbook has an art book appearance, printed in Brazil with the best quality available from Pancrom in a very special format of 40 x 28 centimeters. You will enjoy again learning through paper. Many thanks to all of you who always encouraged me to continue on my way.

Carlos A. Ayala Paz