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MDT Naoki Hayashi Наслаивание с внутренними красителями со стекло керамикой NORITAKE – анатомия, текстура и цвет зубов

Курс на английском языке

2 centrals Veneer & Crown combination advance course

This course will be a hands-on workshop for fabricating #8 & 9 Veneer & Zirconia Crown combination case with the use of
refractory model and Zirconia frame. Centrals constitute large portion of a smile, which can affects the entire facial expression
dramatically both positively and negatively. Therefore, numerous factors need careful consideration in the treatment process
of these areas. Especially it is not easy to make a prefect match shade between veneer and crown restorations requires finer
attention in the balance of esthetics and mechanical function. The workshop will allow discussion time with the audience to
answer any questions and to explain procedural steps in details.

Key concepts
Tricks in design concept for #8 & 9, 2 centrals to patient’s face and dental arch.
Balancing facial features, lips, and dentition.
How to make identical shade between Veneer & Crown restorations.
How to determine the right internal structure design
Property of ceramic materials and its use in clinical practice
Techniques for rich color expression and internal stain adjustments
Technique to reproduce natural teeth moisture in prosthetic crowns
Texture and luster control technique —Shape adjusting to final polish—
Analyzing isolation and 3D effect in practice